Tree Removal New Beith

Batchelor & Sons Tree Services have been working in the New Beith region for over 20 years, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry and area. Speak to Lance today to discuss your requirements. We offer in New Beith: Tree Removal, Tree Lopping, and all associated Tree Services.

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Tree Removal Services In New Beith

Batchelor & Sons offer a range of services for tree removal and tree lopping in New Beith. With over 40 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and experience to remove any type of tree, big or small. All tree removals are done by our expert team. We also offer stump grinding and root pruning as part of the tree removal service where the tree is ground down to a required depth and all material is removed from the site.

Our team will trim, prune or completely remove your trees effectively, efficiently, safely & to QLD legislation. We are familiar with pruning or removing any kind of tree in and around New Beith and our strong grasp of Australian tree physiology allows us to take better care of your trees. At Batchelor & Sons, we understand that each client’s tree needs are unique and we guarantee to handle your job with professionalism & care.

What Can We Do Aside From Tree Removal?

Crown Reduction

We take utmost care of your trees and reduce your tree’s height through careful pruning. This reduces the size and weight of the tree, thus maintaining its structural integrity.

Structural and Safety Pruning

We identify the risks, and shape and prune your trees to help create space between trees and nearby property structures, including power lines and buildings thereby minimizing safety risks.

Dead Wooding

Storms, disease, lack of enough sap or even lack of water can lead to deadwood and decay the bark. Our experts carefully inspect your trees and identify deadwood and remove them, thus saving your trees.


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Tree Removal

Any sized tree in any situation, we can remove it.

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Land Clearing

Complete land/block clearing specialists.

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Stump Removal

Remove that unsightly and hazarous tree stump today.

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Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Experienced damage caused by storms & fallen trees? We can help.

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Mulching & Excavation

Our equipment is ready for any kind of excavation works required.

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