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Efficient Land & Block Clearing Service

No matter what your land clearing requirements are, our professional and efficient team at Batchelor & Sons can meet your needs with a professional standard of service.

We are land clearing specialists who can remove trees, stumps, brush, stone and any other obstacles from any area of land. We cover all aspects of clearing, site preparation and clean-up to get the land ready for your future use. We specialise in commercial or large acreage land clearing jobs; no matter how big the size of the land, we will clear it.


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Tree Lopping & Removal

Experts in Tree Lopping & Tree Removal

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Land Clearing

20+ Years experience clearing blocks of land

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Stump Removal

Latest machinery to remove all sized tree stumps

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Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Help is at hand in dealing with storm damage

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Mulching & Excavation

Professional team ready for any excavation job

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The Right Equipment To Clear Your Block Of Land

Whether you are tending to a building site, land that is overgrown or an area too steep to manage, Batchelor & Sons have the right machinery to make light work of your land or block clearing task.

Our excavators range from 8 tonne to 20 tonne and are operated by a team of trained professionals who can perform these critical tasks and complete any land clearing and block clearing project. We use the most up to date, efficient heavy-duty commercial-grade equipment to take care of heavy land and block clearing projects as well as tree removal without disturbing the ground structure itself.

We Do It Right

Worried that land clearing is a time-consuming and messy job? Worry not! At Batchelor & Sons, we complete the job with perfection; starting from clearing vegetation to debris clean-up and site preparation, we can complete it within the committed deadline. We will clear any lot to your exact specification leaving any trees you want and working around things you don't want removed.

Clean and Clear Land

  • Large tree removal and chipping

  • Stump grinding

  • Site Preparation

  • Debris clean-up