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Is my tree dangerous?
If you are asking this question to yourself than it is best to have one of our professionals come and inspect the tree for you. We have a 24/7 emergency policy, as safety to you and your family is a priority. We will first ask for a quick view of the tree by getting you to take a photo of the damaged tree and sending it to us through text. From that we can quickly assess if it is life threatening or can wait until the next day for quoting.
I have a tree which seems unwell, how can I save it?
  1. Identify what the issue is. Before you can figure out how to save a tree that is dying, it’s of the utmost importance to figure out what’s wrong with it first.
  2. Make sure the tree isn’t being under or overwatered. Excess moisture can be a common problem when identifying the cause of an unwell tree.
  3. Use fertilizer with care. Ensure you use the right type of fertilizer, and more importantly, the right amount of it.
  4. Prune correctly. Pruning a tree correctly can positively influence it’s overall health.
How do I tell if my tree is dying and needs to be removed?
If there are beetle-kill trees or other dead trees on your land it’s quite important to have them removed. If the tree is leaning over on a strong angle, or has fungus or mold growth, there’s a possibility the tree is dead or dying. Lastly, thinning or brown foliage is another symptom of a dead or dying tree.
What happens to the hole after stump grinding?
We fill the hole in with the mulch from the stump as much as we can. You can continue to add soil into the hole to keep it topped up as the mulch settles.
Do you give over the phone pricing / proposals?
It is extremely hard to navigate a proposal over the phone without seeing the actual tree in question. We want to give you the best price and advice so that there are no surprises or hidden costs. It does not take long to give a quote and we do offer free quoting. It is best to contact our team to organise this through our website or via a phone call.
What areas do you service?
All Scenic Rim, Gold Coast and Logan areas.
Do I need council approval to remove a tree in the Gold Coast or Logan Councils?
We always recommend liaising with your local council first to get further information. Gold Coast Council allow you to remove a tree without council approval when:
  • The tree is already dead
  • The tree is in the process of dying
  • The tree is within 3 meters of a house or building
  • You are pruning up to 20% of the canopy every 12 months
  • The tree is on the local council’s exemption list
You can view / download the Gold Coast Council tree removal form by clicking HERE.
Can I keep the mulch from my trees?
Absolutely you can. Our team will leave the mulch for you at the end of the job and put it where best suits you.
Do you work if it is raining?
No, as it is very dangerous for our employees and our machinery can become hard to work with when wet. Sometimes the rain can also make the ground very soft which then proposes a risk of our heavy trucks damaging your land. Our professional team will inform you if it would be advisable to reschedule your work to another day and/or time.
Can you chop the log/s into firewood and leave for me?
Yes, we can cut the log into smaller rounds and leave for you in a pile so that you are able to access it easier for splitting and stacking closer to your desired area.
Do I have to be there when you do the work?
No! Once the proposal has been accepted by the client and all trees and area has been marked out that need to be removed or trimmed, you don’t need to be home.
Do you work on an hourly rate?
At Batchelor and Sons, we prefer to work on a written proposal price that is accepted by the client. We have found in the past that sub-contractors who operate on an hourly rate tend to drag a job out longer than necessary, costing you more money in the end.